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Starting A Lubricating Oils Business With Huynh Chau Distributor

Currently, Huynh Chau – The leading on lubricants and motorbike spare parts market of Vietnam is recruiting international agents, especially in Asia-Pacific for distributing genuine lubricants of Castrol, Mobil and Repsol.

Huynh Chau Distributor

Start your business with Huynh Chau Distributor, why not?

1. Asia-Pacific, promising lubricants market

Asia-Pacific is now the fastest growing lubricants market, with an annual growth rate of 3 percent between 2014 and 2019. More than that, this regional market is expected to grow dramatically in later years due to burgeoning population, growing industrialization and urbanization.

In that development, key countries such as China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Singapore is driving the growth of the lubricants market. Therefore, lubricant products of the dominant companies in the world like Repsol, Mobil could easily tap into the sector and cater niche applications here.

Especially Castrol, which was produced in Vietnam and being popular in both domestic and foreign markets. For many years, Castrol lubricants have completely conquered American market by being the most favorite there.

The leading on lubricants market of Vietnam

Lately, many customers from different countries have chosen Huynh Chau Distributor and Castrol, Repsol, Mobil lubricants to be their companion in business, what about you?

15 years of doing business on Vietnam’s lubricants market have proved our credibility and given us valuable experience, that’s why we believe Huynh Chau Distributor would be your reliable companion and helps you gain success in your business step-by-step. Moreover, we guarantee the benefits you will receive when becoming our global agent as below: 

2. Price & Discount Policy

2.1. Price Policy

The price policy is optimized to ensure the competitiveness and maximum profit for your agent in the market. Whereby, the purchase price will be based on purchase results and other cooperation commitments between Huynh Chau Distributor and Agent.

Huynh Chau Distributor

The Price Policy of Huynh Chau ensures the best profit for agents

Additionally, all the agents will receive The price protection for the items in stock in case Huynh Chau increase the price of the same products. This policy is only applied to items that have an import invoice and warranty card from Huynh Chau’s representative within 30 days of receiving the price increase notification.

2.2. Discount Policy

Our discount policy is completely independent and conducted in parallel with other business support or promotion programs for international agents.

Huynh Chau Distributor

The Discount Policy of Huynh Chau is completely independent with other programs

According to that, your agent will receive a discount at the agreed rate from the beginning if you achieve the committed purchase volume. Besides, when reaching quarterly and annual sales as the regulations of Huynh Chau Distributor, your agent will be entitled to the quarterly and yearly award policy.

3. Pre & After-sales Support Policy

3.1. Market Development

Price & Discount policy plays a part in our Market Development Policy. Furthermore, Huynh Chau Distributor keeps supporting your agent in many aspects, such as:

  • Support for products, technology and sales training;
  • Support for technical problems through phone or other online devices;
  • Support for business strategy, including ways to break into a new market;
  • Support for customer service solutions, including searching and taking care of them.

Huynh Chau Distributor

By our valuable experience and credibility, we could bring you a strong support

3.2. PR & Marketing

By understanding how importance of PR/ Marketing activities in sales, Huynh Chau Distributor is always willing to support your agents with:

  • Catalogue, leaflets, banner, other advertising stuffs, etc.;
  • Images, online and offline marketing activities;
  • Promotions and sales promotions;
  • Official agent certificate of Huynh Chau Distributor.

Huynh Chau Distributor

Huynh Chau Distributor is willing to support our agents in all aspects

4. Contract of Principles & Debt Purchase

4.1. Contract of Principles

Your business will be officially appeared in Huynh Chau’s list of agents and received preferential treatments as committed right after completing signing the agent contract.

4.2. Contract of Debt Purchase

On the basis of results of cooperation and payment history, Huynh Chau Distributor will decide the preferential debt payment.

No matter where you are, if you desire to do business, Huynh Chau Distributor has been always ready to accompany with you. In case you need our direct advisory, don’t hesitate to contact us via the Hotline: (+84) 90 831 5193(+84) 90 214 0906(+84) 283 974 8423(+84) 283 860 3655.

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