Select mineral base oils, synthetic lubricants or blends

Select mineral base oils, synthetic lubricants or blends❓❓❓

The price of synthetic lubricants can be up to three times that of mineral oils. However, using synthetic lubricants is much more beneficial than mineral oil. This is because synthetic base oil is very pure and has a smaller viscous molecule. So synthetic oil will help the engine work better because it can lubricate the parts with the smallest gap.

Some car owners may not want to use synthetic lubricants by high prices. But they did not know that using synthetic lubricants could extend the shelf life when compared to mineral oils. Therefore, the experience is that you should “invest” the best lubricant for your car, if the engine has any problems, the repair cost will be much higher.

Currently, there are more “modern” lubricants on the market and reasonable price and ensure the best protection for your car. It is semi-synthetic lubricant – a viscous oil made up of a reasonable blend of synthetic oil and mineral oil. Castrol, Mobil, Shell, Repsol … are good names that are popular with consumers.

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