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Nowadays, the demand for using lubricant products is increasing. Therefore, lubricant has become one of the most potential products on the market. This is the reason why so many investors have chosen this item to do business. Besides, finding prestigious lubricant oil distribution is very important.

Currently, Huynh Chau Trading Service Co., Ltd is recruiting distribution agents domestically for imported lubricant brands officially distributed by Huynh Chau Service Trading Company Limited.

Let’s find out more clearly through the following contents.


Huynh Chau is recruiting distribution agents domestically with preferential policies and best prices

1. Agent level

Regarding the agent level of Huynh Chau, there are 3 main levels depending on the business needs of enterprise:

The first agent level – Dealer: officially distributing in provinces and cities nationwide.

The second agent level – Sub dealer: distributing to stores in each locality.

The third agent level – Store: direct retailing for local consumers.

Huynh Chau has 3 agent levels depending on the business needs of the enterprise

2. Conditions for becoming an agent

In order to become an official agent of Huynh Chau, the enterprises need to adapt to the following conditions:

  • Having the legal business license.
  • Having knowledge in the relevant business filed to Huynh Chau’s products.
  • Having a stable business and warehousing location for business purposes.
  • Having the plan of business activities and network of customers distributing lubricant products in the market where the agent registers.
  • Being ambitious and passionate in the area of oil/tires/batteries/spare parts.

3. Benefits of an agent

When joining Huynh Chau as an official agent, you will get the following benefits:

3.1 Enjoy discounts on regular purchases
  • Your agent will be discounted on sales volume according to Huynh Chau’s exclusive agent program and the committed sales volume.
  • Your agent will be entitled to a discount according to the agreed rate from the beginning if you achieve the committed purchase volume.
  • The discount policy will be independent and conducted in parallel with other business support or promotion programs from Huynh Chau for your agent.
  • When reaching quarterly and annual sales according to regulations of Huynh Chau representative, your agent will be entitled to the quarterly and yearly award policy.

Enterprise get many benefits when becoming official agents of Huynh Chau

3.2. Price and price protection policy

3.2.1. Purchase price

  • The price for your agent will be based on purchase results and other cooperation commitments.
  • Price policy is built to ensure the competitiveness and maximum profit for your agent in the market.

Price policy in Huynh Chau always ensures the competitiveness and maximum profit for your agent

3.2.2 Price protection

  • Your agent will receive the price protection for the items in stock in case Huynh Chau increase the price of the same products.
  • Price protection is only applied to items that have an import invoice and warranty card from Huynh Chau’s representative within 30 days of receiving the price increase notification.
3.3. Contract of principles – debt

3.3.1. Contract principles

Your agent will be included in the list of preference of Huynh Chau, enjoy the policies for Huynh Chau’s agent right after the two parties sign the agent contract.

After signing the agency contract, the enterprise will be entitled to Huynh Chau’s agent policy

3.3.2. Purchase debt

On the basis of cooperation results and payment history, your agent will be entitled to the best preferential policies on debt policy under a separate cooperation agreement.

4. Support policy

Huynh Chau is always ready to support enterprise in developing markets as well as PR – Marketing when becoming our agents

4.1. Support market development
  • Support for the business strategy, sales training, products, …
  • Support for the sales solutions, market penetration (with new agents), search and customer services
  • Support for price and competitive goods.

Các đại lý của Huỳnh Châu sẽ nhận được chính sách hỗ trợ tốt nhất về mọi mặt

4.2 Support for PR – Marketing
  • The agent is supported in catalogs, brochures, banners, promotional items …
  • The agent can participate in all promotional programs and sale promotion.
  • The agent is granted a certificate of official agent/distributor.
  • The agent is supported in images, online and offline marketing.
4.3. Technical support and solutions
  • Get technical support via phone, online support facilities
  • Participate in training courses on products, technology and sales knowledge.

Huynh Chau Service Trading Co., Ltd. – the lubricants distributor with the passion and vision

Huynh Chau is pleased to be an official distributor for enterprises. Contact us immediately via the hotline: 090 831 51930283 974 84230283 860 3655 for advice and direct inquiries.